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How we shop has changed—radically impacting retailers in unexpected ways.

In 2020, how consumers chose to interact and transact with retailers—whether in grocery, food service, or a specialty retail environment—changed this marketplace in ways no one anticipated. What does the future hold for retail, and how will this industry adapt as we go into a new year, and beyond? A brief look back can help answer that question.

Keynote Presentation - Tony D'Onofrio

Grocery quickly adopted BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store) and that option will continue*.

  • ~70% of US shoppers have used BOPIS more than once
  • 50% made purchases online based on whether BOPIS was available

*Business Insider Intelligence

  • By 2021, 90% of retailers will offer the BOPIS option*


The increased use of self-checkout is a way for retailers to help improve customer experience (CX) and safety*.

  • 87% of shoppers prefer stores with touchless or robust self-checkout options
  • ~75% of shoppers frequently use self-checkout to pay for groceries

*Shekel Brainweigh Ltd.


Restaurants found creative ways to deliver food to customers who choose not to—or can’t—dine in for safety reasons*.

  • 65% of adults are now ordering dinner off-premises—pre-pandemic was 60%
  • 45% for lunch—pre-pandemic was 40%
  • 30% for breakfast—no change

*Restaurant Drive

And, in a survey of 3,500 restaurant operators*, since March 2020:

  • 67% added curbside takeout
  • 27% added third-party delivery
  • 17% added in-house delivery
  • 3% added drive-through service

*The National Restaurant Association


Specialty retailers adjusted operations to allow for safer shopping via mobile applications and store pickup—while still trying to provide an elevated CX*.

  • 86% of buyers will pay more for a great CX


  • ~51% of shoppers find shopping less enjoyable than pre-pandemic

*Startle Music

Specialty retailers need to ensure they can offer integrated systems to allow for BOPIS as they continue delivering a consistent, positive CX during every transaction.


Convenience stores changed their operations to provide a better CX and are experiencing an uptick in business. Contactless payment is a compelling reason to shop at these stores—some of which offer curbside/gas-pump pickup, in addition to other self-checkout options*.

  • Of the 14% now shopping more at convenience stores, ~38% attribute more trips to changes in their daily routines and/or their choice to shop at a smaller store

*Convenience Store News

  • 15% of shoppers leave a convenience store and abandon their items after one minute of waiting in line
  • ~50% of the same shoppers leave after waiting only 30 seconds
  • 61% said an available, self-checkout option would keep them from abandoning a purchase due to long lines


Retail will continue evolving as we move into a new year—and beyond—with technology continuing to play a huge role in that evolution. ScanSource is positioned to deliver the latest technologies to help retailers adapt their operations to accommodate consumers.